Dr. Gary Mellum

Dr Gary Mellum was born and raised in Minnesota, receiving his bachelors at Bethel University and completing his doctorate at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN.  After graduating, Dr Gary worked alongside several of the top doctors in the world at one of the largest natural health centers in the country in Naples, FL.  Wanting to get back to the Midwest, Dr Gary and his wife, Christa, moved to Olathe and opened Heritage Family Chiropractic.

Heritage Family Chiropractic (HFC) is an official Maximized Living Health Center, delivering the 5 Essential health care system being used by multiple Team USA governing bodies, as well as tens of thousands of families across the country.  Dr Gary is passionate about teaching patients how to achieve true health by maintaining a healthy nervous system and living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Gary has received advanced training in spinal correction and the 5 Essentials, and consistently sees amazing results through the combination of very specific chiropractic adjustments, state of the art rehab, and the latest information on health and wellness.  These results are evident not only in the patients overall health, but also easily viewed on our patient’s before-and-after progress reports and/or x-rays, verifying the occurrence of structural correction.

Our mission is to make a huge impact in the health of our community, and Dr Gary frequently holds free health workshops and Maximized Living Makeovers for businesses, schools, organizations, as well as Winning My Race programs for churches.  These programs are designed to empower people with the knowledge and action steps on how to take control of their health and fulfill their God-given potential.

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